Each one, teach one- THF in Indonesia

by Brittney Howell

Did you know that 33% of children in Indonesia suffer from stunted growth? Did you also know that this stunted growth comes about due to deficiencies in diet?

Malnutrition is the root cause of a lot of diseases and conditions, and for many children in Indonesia, it has been the cause of stunting, which affects them both physically and mentally.

This year, the Foundation began a program in conjunction with our partner, Yayasan Balita Sehat.

Nutrition management training

Through this program, we will be focusing on capacity building- ensuring that local health workers are well-trained and equipped with what they need to identify and treat cases of severe malnutrition; and also directly addressing the issue of severe malnutrition in the children that leads them to experience stunted growth.

Community health worker training

The trained community workers will then go into the homes of families that have been identified to be going through struggles that have led to them having severely malnourished children.

Program beneficiary’s home

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