True Health Foundation Answers the Call – Hurricane Harvey

by Brittney Howell

In an effort to aid those affected by the wide-spread devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the USANA True Health Foundation has donated $130,000. This amount will be used for food, nutrition and other aid through THF’s long-time partners, the Children’s Hunger Fund and International Relief Teams, as well as Houston-based officials who will assist in distribution.

“Through the generosity of our Associates and other donors, the True Health Foundation will be able to distribute 27 pallets of food equaling over 15,000 meals. While disasters of this magnitude are sobering, we are grateful to have the ability and means available to assist and provide support where it is so desperately needed.”  

Kevin Guest, chief executive officer at USANA

Hurricane Harvey broke all records for rainfall from a single storm in the continental United States when it reached the Texas coast last week.  Tens of thousands of Houston residents are displaced from their homes, with search and rescue operations still underway.  With each passing day, the amount of people displaced, as well as casualties of the storm, continue to grow.

 “Our hearts are with the people of Texas during this incredibly trying time.  The True Health Foundation’s mission is to provide food and nutrition to those in need. We are glad that we are able to mobilize funds and resources quickly, and send aid to those who are suffering in this region.”

Brian Paul, executive director of communication for THF.

100% of proceeds to the Foundation’s Area of Greatest Need through September 10 will be used to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.  To make a donation, please visit:

Through humanitarian missions, regular contributions, fundraising projects and collaborations with the Women’s Tennis Association, the nonprofit organization has raised over $13 million to aid hundreds around the world. The Foundation has donated over $6.3 million in its children’s multivitamin product — Usanimals — to the Children’s Hunger Fund and an additional $5.7 million has been donated to feeding children, providing aid in needy areas as well as disaster relief globally.  Most recently, THF raised over 1 million meals during USANA’s International Convention in August 2017.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.

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