Update: THF in Guatemala

by Brittney Howell

It has been almost a month since the Volcano de Fuego erupted in Guatemala on June 4th. In this short time, the gift from the True Health Foundation has enabled CHF, our trusted partner, the ability to respond quickly, sending immediate aid to Guatemala. With the help of 27 churches, food, water, blankets, hygiene items, and even toys have been distributed.

Restrictions have been placed upon non-profit agencies providing food to government shelters. Undeterred, our partners are distributing food and aid in the many unofficial shelters that have been established in churches in the disaster area.

The extent of the need is far greater than first thought. Hundreds of people, including newborn infants, are sleeping in backyards and on the floors of churches. Because of your donations, we were able to fulfill an urgent request for cots just this week. We, along with our partners, seek to meet the immediate need as well as help with the long-term rebuilding that takes place after a disaster.

Thank you for all that YOU, our donors, enable us to do.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.

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