USANA THF steps in during a time of tragedy

by Brittney Howell
Several months ago, a family in the community of Olmito, Texas suffered a very tragic accident. The family of 5 lived in a trailer home. One day while the father was at work, the mother stepped out for a few minutes with their youngest child to pay the rent, and left the two older
children at home.
During this time, the trailer caught on fire, killing both older children. The family was heartbroken, and suffered both emotionally and physically. One of our local volunteers is a neighbor of this family. He approached the family to show love and support, and brought a Food Pak with him.
He continued these weekly visits and always brought Food Paks, which allowed for a relationship to be built between them
in this trying time. The parents were encouraged to persevere. Food Paks, provided through the USANA True Health Foundation’s partnership with the Children’s Hunger Fund, brought hope for this family.
“This resource has been an encouragement for the young people in our community. Meeting families in need has made them aware of the pain others suffer and made them self-aware of the amount that they have. This has moved them to want to serve others.”
—Pastor Moises Medina, Iglesia Bautista Jericho
Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.

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