Three stories of hope in Mexico

by Brittney Howell


Mexicali is an agricultural valley in Baja California, Mexico. Mexicali’s economy has been historically based on agricultural products, and to this day this remains a large sector of the economy. Our local partners currently provide 620 Food Paks that are transported from Tijuana each month and are distributed amongst the locals.

One volunteer visited a single mother in the community. She has three children that she is trying to support on her
own. Here is one of the children named Carlos, a timid 9 year old boy. He was extremely happy to receive the Food Pak that was provided for him and his family. His mother said he especially liked the dried fruit.

Martinez Fam

Martinez family



The Martinez family also live in the same area and have now been visited by our local volunteers for a month and a half. Mrs. Martinez has to take care of her father who is 85 and suffers from dementia. Her son Fransisco only works a few hours a day because the green onions season is coming to an end and he has no other source of work.

This is Alvaro. He is part of one of the four
families that live in makeshift shacks on the side of the road in “Ejido Quintana Roo”, Mexicali, Baja, Mexico. Alvaro and 9 other children are benefiting from the dried fruit, beans, rice and the other provisions contained in every Food Pak.















204,000meals were distributed in Mexico during the second quarter of 2014.

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