Ambassador spotlight- Daniela Munoz

by Brittney Howell

Meet Daniela Munoz, a rising leader in USANA’s Mexico market, and an ardent THF supporter who has not only attended our annual MX service trip to Vicente Guerrero, but has also continued to consistently find ways to serve in her immediate community.

In Daniela’s words

last Saturday we went to the supermarket to buy everything we needed to make 20 sandwiches. The total cost was $10. JUST 10 DOLLARS! I was amazed at how much we were able to do with so little- we fed 20 people with 10 dollars.

We made the sandwiches from scratch, and then we went to a traffic light and gave a sandwich to a 8 year old girl that was there selling chewing gum.

At the next traffic light was a blind man, and we gave one to him. Then we decided that it was easier if we walked, instead of driving, so we started walking and arrived to a sleeping man in the street. We surprised him so much with the free food. Crossing the street were 3 women with 2 kids, we gave one for each one and they were very grateful. It was a very enriching experience. 

The plans changed a bit, when the shelter we went to last week (they house and serve children with Down Syndrome) asked us to take the kids to  the playground in a park. We accepted and decided that it was a great idea to make a picnic with them. That way, we could share the sandwiches we had left over. So we did, and it was a great time, they were very happy. When we arrived at the shelter, the kids were already waiting for us, and that made my heart feel so full, because we were making this happen.

I’m so thankful to the USANA true health Foundation for giving me this opportunity to be a better person

everyday. I want to share with you some pictures and videos from that day!


Thank you so much for helping make this happen!

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