Life in Los Angelos

by Brittney Howell

When your husband and/or your children’s father leaves you to fend for yourselves, where do you turn? We live in Los Angeles where it’s difficult to make a living that suits a reasonable lifestyle. Many have dreams of moving to this area with hopes that they will make it big one day. When my husband left, I knew I would be the sole provider of the family taking care of my three children and mother. This is also when I understood the reality of what the majority of the area of Los Angeles is.

Maria’s family in Los Angelos receives a Food Pak of meals for the month.

My family and I live in an apartment and it can be difficult at times. One day we were contacted through another Food Pak recipient who we’ve known for quite a while. Gratefully, Pastor Edwards heard of our family’s needs and decided to assist us when we were in a very desperate situation. Because of Pastor Edwards and some volunteers from his church reaching out on our behalf, we are now receiving Food Paks twice a month.

Many may never understand the trials of being a single mother and at times not having a meal to eat. We are so grateful to those that make having any type of meal placed on our table possible. Although times can be tough, generous people make all of it possible.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world. We thank you for each and every contribution made and hope you’ll catch the vision to assist those in need frequently.

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