Hope in the DR

by Brittney Howell
Tomasina preparing rice casserole

Tomasina preparing rice casserole

Tomasina Santana is an elderly woman living at the northern edge of the Ozama River in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Poverty is rampant in this area and several families are forced to live under one roof. Tomasina lives in a small shack with five other adults and two children. Due to her age and health, Tomasina is unable to work and provide for her family. She relies on donations from people to survive.

Our partners’ team of volunteers tirelessly reaches out to children and families on the river bank providing food, shoes and other resources. This has allowed them to meet other neighbors in need. As of today, they help 30 adults and 25 children.


41,667 meals were distributed in the Dominican Republic during the fourth quarter of 2013.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.

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