Hope after the Rwanda genocide

by Brittney Howell

RwandaThis is a picture of Madam Dafroza, her two daughters, and her grandson. This family has been deeply affected by the genocide
that took place in this country in 1994. Approximately 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers lost their lives during the worst
100 days this country has ever experienced. During these 100 days, Hutu extremists attempted to kill all Tutsis living in Rwanda.
There was no safe refuge for the Tutsis in Rwanda. The Hutu extremists set up road blocks to check ID cards, they went door
to door, and they even slaughtered Tutsis in hospitals, schools and churches. One of the worst massacres took place at a Roman
Catholic Church, where thousands of Tutsis were killed. They were led to believe that they were at a place of refuge. The same individual, who made them feel safe, would ultimately give their whereabouts to the extremists.

Madam Dafroza lost her Tutsi husband during this horrific time in Rwanda’s history. That was not the only loss that she experienced during the genocide. While Madam Dafroza was hiding Tutsi children from the extremists, a grenade went off within her proximity. Madam Dafroza suffered serious injuries which ultimately led to the loss of her right arm. This war left her widowed, homeless, handicapped and in complete despair. Although she had many physical and emotional scars from these tragedies, she had to find the strength to endure.
She is unable to find work to support her family, due to the injuries she sustained during the genocide. Through our strategic partners, our local volunteers, have been bringing Food Paks and ministering to Dafroza and her children.

92,497 meals were distributed in Rwanda during the first quarter of 2014.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.

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