Healthy children, healthy country

by Brittney Howell

The container of product for Mexico City was received in mid-March. During the last two weeks in March they were able to distribute food and other aid to people in need. We will continue to hear feedback from them over the next of couple months as they finish the distribution of the product.

Smiles in Mexico

Smiles in Mexico

This family of four is being served by one of our local partners. They met the family when their mom was going through a very desperate time. The family lives just around the corner from a church. When church members offered to bring her food; she welcomed them into her home. The church provided them with Food Pak boxes and Usanimals ™. The food and supplements allowed her to provide healthy resources to her children both before they go to school and after they get home.

Smiles in Mexico 2

The local volunteers are so grateful that they get the opportunity to distribute the food and supplements. They see the impact of poor nutrition and the lack of substantial meals in the lives of so many children in their community. Many of the children go to school without eating, and it affects their performance in school. Sometimes these children have just one good meal a day. With the Food Pak and Usanimals™ supplements these children can have the nutrients that they need on a daily basis.

Smiles in Mexico 3

Usanimals in Mexico

This mother of five shared about how the Usanimals™ supplements are a great resource for her children, particularly for her older daughter who has a spinal condition and is not able to eat well. Through the provision of the Usanimals™ supplements she has been able to help get her daughter the nutrients that she needs.

63,270 meals were distributed Mexico/Baja during the first quarter of 2013.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.

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