Growing Food and Communities in Canada

by Brittney Howell

Access to local food, connected communities, traditional gardening, and healthier lives—this is the vision Canadian Feed the Children makes a reality. 

The USANA Foundation has partnered with this exceptional organization for several years to create a brighter future for children and indigenous communities in Canada. Your donation makes it happen. From providing healthy meals to maintaining gardens, building chicken coops, and facilitating classes and workshops, see how Canadian Feed the Children has served their local communities:










Traditional Practices

  • Community gardens, managed by youth and elders
  • Traditional food preparation classes
  • Cultural events for children and families to learn more about indigenous peoples and how they gather, hunt, grow, and process food

Community Engagement

  • Kids cooking club, where youth cook and prepare healthy meals together
  • Community meals to feed hundreds of people and create local relationships
  • Special event to celebrate and support community elders

Nutrition Education

  • Learning gardens planted for elementary school students
  • Classes on nutrition and preparing healthy meals
  • Hundreds of healthy meals provided to those in need


Your donations have supported these valuable programs and initiatives. Such generosity has helped to plant seeds of change and give hope to children and families in Canada. Thank you.


Help us continue this worthwhile partnership by donating to the USANA Foundation—our mission is to ensure impoverished children and families are provided the food and nutrition they need to reach their fullest potential. With 8,500,000 meals served in 26 countries, we’re creating a network of volunteers that spans the globe. 


“The recovery of the people is tied to the recovery of food, since food itself is medicine: not only for the body, but for the soul, for the spiritual connection to history, ancestors, and the land.” —Winona Laduke, activist and environmentalist

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