Renewed hope for families in Nepal

by Brittney Howell

Kanchhi family

The Kanchhi family lost their land, house, and all their belongings in a land slide. Not long after that, Sano’s husband, Mr. Kancchi, passed away in tractor accident. Sano and her three children went to live with her elderly father-in-law in a small hut near the jungle. Sano tried to work wherever she could to earn money for her family, but the wage she received was such a small amount that she could not provide enough food for her children. She desired to send her children to school, but had no money for admission
and books. Sano’s deep desires to provide for her children left her depressed and many times suicidal. Seeing the faces of her children stopped her from committing suicide.
One of our local partners started to visit the family  regularly to encourage them, counsel Sano and provided rice, oil, pulse and salt.


The Mahato Family lived in a small house on a small plot of the land, but the husband was an alcoholic. He sold the
property to pay for his alcohol. The family moved to live in a slum area where Mrs. Mahato tried to raise her two sets of twins (21 and 10 months old). However, her husband left the home without any warning. Without someone to watch her children, Mrs. Mahato could not work to provide for her children. She began to weep day and night. For three days, they ate what they had in the home, but once that ran out, they had nothing to eat for six days. There was
no one to help, but in the morning of seventh day, some of our local partners were in the area. This was where they found her and her children. Immediately they served the family with proper food, clothes, and medicine. They began to visit and provided food on a regular basis. They encouraged Mrs. Mahato as well.

Mahato family

Mahato family

 69,800 meals were distributed in Nepal during the third quarter of 2013.

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