Family reconciliation in Belarus

by Brittney Howell

BelarusOur partners in Belarus shared the story of one man that they had visited over the course of a year. When they met him for the first time, he began to weep and tell them about his family—how his wife and children had abandoned him and how he had lost his job.

Our partners visited him and supported him with Food Paks for three months. After three months the church had determined that he no longer needed the Food Paks on a regular basis. After they stopped delivering the Food Paks, they lost touch with him. A year and a half later
they ran into him while out in the city and the man did not look like he was doing well. The volunteers resumed assisting him with Food Paks.

This time, he changed his life, even returning to his wife and children. Many in the community observed the changes in his life. He recently passed away, and we are so thankful to have helped him get back on his feet and make amends with his family.

23,080 meals were distributed in Belarus during the second quarter of 2013.

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