Svetlana from Ukraine

by Brittney Howell


Svetlana lives in a small town right outside the conflict zone in Ukraine. Her hometown is riddled with violence due to the fighting between the Ukrainian Army and the Pro-Russian Rebels. Even after fleeing her home, she could not escape the dreadful effects of war.
Artemovsk, the town she where she currently resides, has seen two battles within the village. The home of Svetlana and her family is surrounded by buildings that have been burned or
Thankfully, Svetlana lives in her new “home” with her two young children and husband. They are working together and doing their best to make ends meet. Life became even more difficult when the government assistance for internally-displaced people (IDP) cut out in January, since there was a suspicion that rebel sympathizers were taking the money back into the rebel-held territories. This decision left tens of thousands of families, including Svetlana’s, near the conflict zone without even the most basic assistance. Work in the town is scarce and rent has gone up due to the increased demand from IDP families..

The tragedy that these families have experienced is difficult to describe in words. Those who have been able to escape with their lives and whole family units considerthemselves fortunate, but all live in fear of what might happen if the conflict continues.
Our local volunteers have been reaching out to their community throughout the conflict. They now provide Food Paks in order to help those like Svetlana.

They are very thankful for the food assistance and have said it has enabled them to survive. All this is made possible through YOUR donations.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.

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