A glimmer of hope in Ukraine

by Brittney Howell
CaptureElizabeth is nine years old and lives in Ukraine with her mother, Galina, and her grandmother. When she was only five, her father left the family and attempted to renounce his parental rights so that he would not be required to pay child support. The local court forced him to continue to pay, but he has neglected to do so. The government gave Galina a temporary pension of about $15 per month, but it wasn’t enough.
The family’s financial situation worsened in November, when Galina was diagnosed with cancer. Friends and relatives helped her pay for chemotherapy. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. Although still sick, Galina had to go back to work in M
ay to pay her medical bills. Elizabeth’s Grandma has also been working in a local factory in an effort to help out, but she is not paid regularly. In spite of all of their efforts, they were unable to make ends meet.
Our local volunteers met this family and were able to offer help. They have been delivering Food Paks, allowing this family of three to finally have food every day. What a ray of hope in the family’s lives! Thank you for donating to the Foundation. YOUR donation allows us to bring hope to the lives of families like Elizabeth’s.

136,518 meals were distributed in Eastern Europe during the first quarter of 2016

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.

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