Restoring Hope- A story from the Philippines

by Brittney Howell

Last year, Bebie Atamosa’s husband passed away, and her life drastically changed. She was left to care for herself and her family on her own and was also left with crippling debt from unpaid hospital bills. She had a job as a tailor that kept her busy, but didn’t allow her to adequately provide for her family. Life was extremely difficult.

She connected with members of her community who also happened to be volunteers of the FoodPak Ministry.They saw Bebie’s need, and began providing Food Paks for her household. This relieved a serious burden. Volunteers also began visiting Bebie’s family often, allowing for their relationships to deepen even further.
Bebie now has hope as she looks towards the futures of herself and her family, and she is extremely grateful for the hope she has received through the Food Pak program.
She is more now more empowered as she navigates her family’s new life without her husband.
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