Meet the Navaja family from the Philippines

by Brittney Howell

For the past three months, our volunteers in Cebu City in the Philippines have been serving a 15-year-old boy, named Harvey Navaja, and his family. Harvey has four siblings: Harold who is 17 years old, Hanes who is 12 years old, Henry who is 6, and Harley who is just 4 years old. Their parents, Edgar and Christina, are expecting their sixth child.
Our volunteers first met Harvey when a team was teaching in the public school he attended. Although he is very shy and quiet, Harvey is a good student; he listens closely to the teacher and participates in class.

His father, Edgar, is a house painter, and his mother, Christina, has a job doing laundry. Neither job is steady, and Harvey’s parents have difficulty supporting their children with their limited resources. Harvey and his brother Harold often have to miss school to care for their younger siblings while their parents are at work. Sometimes, Harvey’s classmates have to buy him food.
Our local volunteers began providing Food Paks to this family, which greatly impacted their daily lives. Now, the children can go to school with full bellies, allowing them to focus and learn.

We are thankful for our partnership with the Children’s Hunger Fund, through which we are able to reach families like Harvey’s.

Remember, 100 percent of all donations made to the USANA True Health Foundation ALWAYS go toward changing lives across the world.

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