Usanimals in Peru

by Brittney Howell

OfeliaOfelia has three children: Krezia (14 years old), Stephany (11 years old) and Jerioth (3 years old).
Periodically, Jerioth would have two tumorlike growths in his throat bringing the family to the health center for various tests and analyses. These tests revealed that although he was a healthy boy with a good appetite, Jerioth had anemia. This diagnosis left his mother perplexed and worried.
The doctor explained that it was due to his particular diet. He prescribed vitamins to be taken along with food. It was such a blessing that these Usanimals™ were being delivered right at school where Jerioth attended. After taking the supplements for only one month Jerioth improved substantially. The doctor told the family he was taking high quality supplements.

“I am thankful to the school and all the people involved who make it possible for us to receive these vitamins we could never purchase ourselves.” Ofelia Torres

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